Treating contamination around critical public air, rail and road projects without disruptions.  ERFS regularly meets and exceeds the highest of safety standards for transportation projects.

Overview of Services

ERFS has extensive experience in complex work associated with transportation infrastructures.

JFK International Airport Hanger-19 ISCO Treatment – In early October 2010, ERFS was retained as a subcontractor to conduct in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) within a sensitive air-side area of the JFKIA, Jamaica, NY. The treatment area was located adjacent to Hanger 19 at the western end of one of the airport’s main runways. The NYSDEC-approved work plan (prepared by others for the PANYNJ) called for the application of 76,200 gallons of treatment reagents (dilute sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide) into 20 injection wells. Under a lump sum agreement, ERFS provided the skilled personnel, equipment and chemicals for the ISCO application.  In order to accommodate airport operations within the Hanger 19 ISCO treatment area, ERFS had to develop a technical execution plan that accommodated all PANYNJ operational and security requirements, while safely and efficiently completing the scope of work within the shortest possible timeframe.

Florida DOT Site, Jacksonville, Florida
– ERFS treated the shallow and deep remnants of a CVOC groundwater plume at a former industrial property near I-95 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Interim sampling of impacted shallow and deep wells shows over 85% reduction (377 ug/l to 54 ug/l) and over 90% reduction (277 ug/l to 22 ug/l) in deep observation wells.  ERFS had continued treating the site under our performance contract and has achieved GWQS.  FDEP has granted closure at this site.

Syracuse Airport Maintenance Hangar, New York–ERFS installed propagations and vertical injection points under the building slab and utility lines to complete multiple injections and achieve NFA conditions for soil and groundwater impacted by Stoddard Solvent and other petroleum compounds. Significant contaminant reductions were achieved after several treatment rounds. Polishing was completed by adding oxygen release compounds.

Queens Midtown Tunnel Remediation Project. 
Queens side of the Midtown Tunnel in Long Island City, New York.  This petroleum-release site was formerly occupied by a gasoline filling station. Working as a subcontractor to the Metropolitan Transit Authority – Bridges and Tunnels, ERFS has been hired to implement an in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) program that entails injection of Fenton’s type reagent into 50 to 60 closely-spaced direct push injection points. The work is being conducted under a Consent Order and approved work plan from the NYSDEC. Each application required close coordination with Tunnel operations, FDNY, and various suppliers in order to complete operations within a two to three week window for each treatment phase.

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