Working around extensive physical plant and many underground utilities.

Overview of Services

ERFS has the experience to work in the most challenging settings and methodically achieve project completion

Former Bulk Storage Facility in Baltimore – ERFS conducted a Pay-for-Performance cleanup at this 4 acre site near the Baltimore Harbor.  The subject parcel was once part of a large petroleum processing and storage facility dating back to the late 1800s.  ERFS removed seven feet of LNAPL at the site over a 2 month period to achieve NFA status from the MDE which allowed lifting of deed restrictions and redevelopment of the site.  The property is currently developed as a bank and office building, and is the second tallest building in Baltimore.

Houston Texas Refinery/Bulk Distribution Facility.
  ERFS completed three reagent applications to reduce benzene and MTBE concentrations in groundwater by several orders of magnitude (97% to 99.5% decreases).  The site consists of an approximately half acre affected area where LNAPL and high dissolved petroleum concentrations in groundwater were assessed.  ERFS made significant cleanup progress using a network of vertical and lateral injection devices.  Currently, 8 out of 13 monitoring wells meet the MTBE closure goal and 11 of the 13 wells meet the benzene closure goal.  The site owner is currently conducting monitoring to collect data to determine the best strategy for site closure.  Total benzene and MTBE concentrations for all site wells are shown in the figure below:

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