ERFS specializes in the development and use of in-situ processes (“in place” or within the subsurface, without excavation), including chemical oxidation, chemical reduction/fixation, and enhanced biodegradation. ERFS’ services are specifically designed and structured to achieve complete site remediation within the shortest possible timeframe by employing cost effective in-situ technologies. We develop and build our own specialized equipment. All of our treatment designs are implemented by our highly skilled and experienced field professionals with close support from senior technical staff.

ERFS’ unique approach to providing in-situ remediation services is based on our On-Contact Remediation Process®. The family of remediation technologies that make up the On-Contact Remediation Process® provides both the innovative technology and the flexibility to realize significant advantages and efficiencies over the more traditional soil and groundwater treatment approaches. These complimentary and interchangeable in-situ technologies include chemical and biological processes, utilizing specially-designed physical delivery systems and advanced instrumentation to monitor subsurface conditions throughout the remedial program.

When the On-Contact Remediation Process® is combined with our Pay-for-Performance contracting, ERFS can provide fixed-cost site remediation services on a not-to-stop basis until the remedial goals for the project are achieved. Using this type of results-based contracting greatly reduces the financial risk associated with environmental clean-up and eliminates the need for cost cap insurance. Pay-for-Performance allows you to get the project completed and only pay for it once.

Not every remediation project needs Pay-for-Performance contracting. For those projects where in-situ remediation is only one component of a larger remedial effort or where a specific in-situ technique is desired, ERFS offers Lump Sum by Task contracting. We can bring the same level of design and implementation expertise to any project on a task by task basis. ERFS will implement remediation work tasks under a defined work scope for a lump sum contract amount.

Consulting engineering firms and environmental professionals routinely rely on ERFS’ depth of experience, specialized equipment, and expansive insurance coverage to have their own injection designs completed. Under our ProxiOne® program, ERFS will cost-effectively and safely implement your design to your specification. ERFS’ field work is fully OSHA compliant with a history free of safety incidents and a perfect inspection record by OSHA and Fortune 500 Health and Safety Managers. Our professional engineers and geologists can also review your plan and provide suggestions for modifications to the design or implementation plan based on our extensive field experience, our most up-to-date design practices, and the technologies available within the On-Contact Remediation Process®.

ERFS also offers traditional field services on a time and materials basis. Our experienced field staff can oversee the installation of monitoring wells and soil borings, collect real-time groundwater quality and well head-space data, and conduct soil and groundwater sampling in accordance with regulatory requirements. These and many other services are available at competitive rates.

ERFS has unique custom built equipment, including a large inventory of Touchless® injection systems, which are small truck-based, self-contained chemical treatment units. The name of the system describes its ability to treat small areas and/or low level concentrations of contaminants without equipment being unpacked and touching the ground.

The opposite of the Touchless® systems are the ERFS T-Max® systems, based on large platform trailers, low boys, or 53-foot trailers. These systems provide self-contained equipment plants to create ‘Transfer Maximums’ (T-Max) of injection chemistry in large scale remediation projects including airports, DoD sites, and very large groundwater plumes. T-Max® systems can place large quantities of chemistry in the subsurface over a wide area, yet disappear from a site at the end of the day, leaving no equipment behind. Both systems provide  more options for planning remediation projects around active construction, shopping centers and residences, near utilities, in remote locations, and many other conditions where minimizing property disruption is important.

No matter what your wish list is for your remediation project, ERFS has industry leading solutions to quickly and cost-effectively remove soil and groundwater contamination.

ERFS provides dozens of cost estimates for remediation of contaminated sites each month.  To have your site reviewed for applicability simply email plume maps and a site description to Ron Adams, PE, LSRP at or call (617) 221-3700.

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