Approximately 50% of ERFS’ work is from consultants and engineering firms looking for a best-in-class, remediation solutions provider. As a specialty subcontractor, ERFS can provide consultants the most advanced solutions possible for in situ remediation design and field services options, Pay-for-Performance contracting, peer review, work plans, and health and safety compliance. As a team member, ERFS can offer services that will guarantee success for your client’s remediation, while providing excellent project support and a full array of services.

Under our ProxiOne® Program, environmental professionals and consulting engineering firms routinely rely on ERFS’ depth of experience, specialized equipment, and expansive insurance coverage to have their own injection designs completed safely and cost-effectively, implementing your design to your specification. ERFS’ field work is fully OSHA compliant, with a history free of safety incidents, and a perfect inspection record by OSHA and Fortune 500 Health and Safety managers. Our professional engineers and geologists can also review your plan and provide suggestions for modifications to the design or implementation plan based on our extensive field experience, our most up-to-date design practices, and the technologies available within the On-Contact Remediation Process®.

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