ERFS is a remediation design and implementation contractor that applies in-situ (“in place”) techniques to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater.  ERFS offers these services under lump sum Pay-for-Performance programs or as lump sum task items ordered as needed (a la carte).  ERFS applies in-situ chemical oxidation, chemical reduction/fixation, and/or biological reagents for treatment of organic and inorganic contaminants. Aside from our unique remediation design and implementation services, ERFS offers many other professional services on lump sum by task or time and materials basis. Professional services include both technical design and field services. These include:


  • Pay-for-Performance.  Pay-for-Performance (PfP) remediation aligns ERFS’ goals with the site owner’s goals – to reach the project endpoint rapidly and efficiently.   ERFS wraps the design and remediation in a single lump sum amount that is paid as project milestones are completed.  Other services such as sampling and analysis, LSRP services, and other consulting services can be rolled into the PfP project.
  • ProxiOne®.  ERFS implements your design to your specification. For years, consulting engineers have relied on ERFS’ depth of experience, reliable equipment, and expansive insurance coverage to have their injection designs completed safely and cost effectively.
  • Lump Sum by Task Remediation.  Not every remediation project needs Pay-for-Performance contracting, so ERFS can bring the same level of expertise to our task by task contracting services. ERFS can implement remediation work tasks under a defined work scope for a lump sum contract amount.
  • Time and Material Field Services.  Whether you need wells installed, soil borings completed, or samples collected, ERFS can provide miscellaneous field services for your project under competitive time and materials rates.
  • Specialized Monitoring.  ERFS can deploy custom equipment for any of your projects to track subsurface movement of contaminants or treatment materials. ERFS maintains down hole probes and data loggers, utilizes SiteVision® (soil resistivity monitoring), and can survey with specialized ground penetrating radar.
  • Strategic Exit Evaluations.  ERFS starts at the end — we first identify possible exits, routes to reach those exits, and the relative costs for each option. ERFS’ senior staff has reviewed literally thousands of sites from across the United States, rejecting some and developing remediation plans for the remainder. ERFS remediation engineers are experts at evaluating existing remediation systems to determine the best path to site closure versus continued status quo equipment operation and maintenance. Our engineers make the best use of existing equipment and formulate plans to assess and attack residual contamination that may be keeping sites from reaching closure goals. Our goal is an Exit Strategy.
  • Project Financing.  Whether connecting owners to bridge loans, making use of state or federal owner assistance programs, using one of our unique contact vehicles, or some combination of these, ERFS is at the cutting edge of facilitating project financing so that contaminated properties can be restored and brought back to productive use..

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