The following managers are responsible for specialized technical and business services:

Jane Baldwin


Ms. Baldwin is based out of Tallahassee, Florida and specializes in local management of design support and field services in Florida and surrounding States. Ms. Baldwin is an active reserve Command Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army and a disabled veteran. Ms. Baldwin is a Geologist with a specialization in environmental chemistry. Ms. Baldwin was a graduate studies intern with ERFS in 2007 and 2008 and returned as an employee in 2012.


Jerry Benward

Lead Environmental Technician 

Mr. Benward has been employed at ERFS since 2009 as an environmental scientist and has four years prior experience in environmental services. Since coming to ERFS, Jerry has accumulated training and experience in field leadership in health and safety training for handling hazardous chemicals and has gained experience in the installation of subsurface chemical-delivery infrastructure; the preparation and application of a variety of remedial injection reagents; and the use of various injection methods.  His previous experience includes wetland delineation, submerged aquatic vegetation surveys, historical research and ground water sampling.  A major portion of Jerry’s prior employment was spent working on a large scale pesticide contamination remediation of impacted soil. This project spanned several years and encompassed the remediation of several hundred residential units on a joint military installation located in central New Jersey.  Mr. Benward’s responsibility included soil sample collecting, oversight, coordination of health and safety programs and field crew supervision.  Jerry has an Associate’s degree in Science from Ocean County College and Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science from The Richard Stockton College of NJ. Jerry is an accomplished amateur paleontologist and an expert in the subsurface geology of New Jersey’s coastal plain region.


Michael Bono

Lead Environmental Technician / Drilling Apprentice

Mr. Bono has been an employee with ERFS since 2010.  Prior to joining the ERFS team, he was trained as an Electronic Warfare Operator and Technician in Pensacola, Florida, for the United States Navy.  After his enlistment was fulfilled aboard the USS Oak Hill based out of Little Creek, Virginia, he studied Environmental Science at Ocean County College in Toms River, New Jersey.  Mr. Bono also has a firm background in various fields of construction and heavy equipment operation.   Mr. Bono’s field work is concentrated in the areas of geotechnical drilling and direct push technologies and is a member of ERFS’ Health and Safety Committee.  He is also responsible for warehouse and equipment logistics at ERFS’s field headquarters in Lakewood New Jersey.


Lou Crossin

Director of Client Services

Mr. Crossin is the Director of Client Services for ERFS with over 25 years of corporate business development experience.   Prior to ERFS, Mr. Crossin was first involved in the financial services industry with corporate finance equity institutional sales.  Mr. Crossin held Series 7 & 63 NASD licenses in financial services.  Later Mr. Crossin transitioned to the application and sales of corporate credit risk management software, custom designed and programmed for Fortune 500 and Major Oil and Gas companies.  With this experience, Mr. Crossin was hired in 2014 to build and test a Business Development Department (BDD), designed by ERFS’ CEO, separate from ERFS’ Portfolio Client Management System with personnel and expertise outside of the Environmental Industry that would be helpful to new prospects and clients.


Vinny Costanza

Lead Environmental Technician

Vinny Costanza operates out of our Roselle New Jersey branch in direct coordination with our Lakewood office.  His employment background consists of over 140 hours of HAZMAT related training including identification, transportation, handling, storing, and applications.  He holds certifications in confined space awareness & operations, Hazwopr, and Red Cross First Aid/CPR. Mr. Costanza’s employment with ERFS has given him experience with multiple utilizations of subsurface Propagations, direct push and gravity injections, ground water sampling, air quality testing, and propagation installation.


John Dixon

Lead Environmental Technician

Mr. Dixon joined the ERFS team four years ago, after serving 30 years on the Roselle, New Jersey Police Department.  Mr. Dixon is ERFS’ lead Touchless Injection System operator and trainer, administering chemical reagents to many of ERFS’ industrial and residential clients.  Mr. Dixon’s police training and experience are of particular importance on in teaching staff on security, safety, and respect for real life situations in dealing with the public and press.


Christine Little

Regional Director of Project Management

Ms. Little’s fields of expertise includes subsurface investigation, monitoring well installation, subsurface remediation, underground storage tank (UST) removals, data tabulation and analysis, technical report writing, health and safety plans, and budget analysis.  Ms. Little’s responsibilities include management of major insurance liability claims, remedial investigation (soil and groundwater delineation), data analysis, preparing project budgets, remediation infrastructure design support and technical report preparation.  She also serves on the ERFS Health & Safety Committee. Ms. Little is a licensed NJDEP Subsurface Evaluator and has an Environmental Science Bachelor of Science degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges.


Adam Lane

Lead Environmental Technician / Sampling Specialist

Mr. Lane is a specialist in groundwater sampling, procedures, handling, shipment and data recording.  Mr. Lane has extensive years in the environmental industry since graduating from William Paterson University in 2007.  Mr. Lane works to have other teams within ERFS fully supported for analytical testing requirements.  Mr. Lane has ERFS experience in multiple states and has worked on national projects in data collection management.


William Kovach


With more than 23 years of environmental experience in the private sector, Mr. Kovach’s core project responsibilities have been in environmental site assessments, site and remedial investigations and remedial actions to include remedial system design and installation; maintenance and troubleshooting; and UST closures.  Mr. Kovach is a licensed N2 wastewater treatment system operator.  Remedial project experience includes: identifying the source(s) of contamination; defining the horizontal and vertical extents of soil and ground water impact above applicable regulatory standards; evaluating remedial action technologies with engineering to derive cost effective remedial solutions; permitting of remedial actions; implementation of selected remedial technologies; monitoring and reporting during remedial actions; and site closure.  Mr. Kovach has a BS degree in English from Northeastern University and an M.ED in Personnel Services from Clemson University.


Tim McNelis

Crew Chief

Tim McNelis has been an Environmental Scientist at ERFS since 2009. While at ERFS he has worked on numerous projects ranging from microbial, oxidizer to sulfuric acid injections. Tim McNelis has also had experience in installing chemical delivery infrastructures such as trenches, propagations, supplemental and vertical injection points. Based on his experience and performance, Mr. McNelis also has responsibility as Lead Technical Manager, this entails his overseeing project site field teams and making sure the daily operations and goals of the project are successfully achieved.  He has traveled extensively for ERFS completing projects in Florida, Louisiana, New York and Texas. Tim holds certificates for OSHA 40-hour training, OSHA Site Supervisor, Exxon LPS Safety Training, FDNY C-91 Certificate of Fitness, Confined Space Entry and Red Cross First Aid/CPR. Prior to ERFS Tim McNelis spent two years as an Environmental Scientist with Taylor Wiseman and Taylor. While there he dealt with the Fort Dix/McGuire AFB pesticide remediation. Tim McNelis graduated from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in 2007 with a degree in Marine Science.


Vanessa Mudaly

Client Services Administrator

Ms. Mudaly manages the internal operations between ERFS offices for ERFS’ CEO.  Ms. Mudaly has extensive international business experience, including management of operations in the alternate energy, property management and insurance.  As a lead team member of ERFS’ Clients Services section, Ms. Mudaly provides information technology support, research and logistic planning for both Field Services and the Business Development Department.  Ms. Mudaly has a Public Administration diploma from M.L. Sultan Technicon College in Durban, South Africa.


Rob Park

Lead Environmental Technician

Rob Park has been working in the environmental industry since 2008.  As an employee with ERFS, Mr. Park has been involved in all applications of in-situ chemical remediation.  Mr. Park has experience with the installation and abandonment of injection infrastructure, direct push and various injection methods, air and groundwater monitoring, soil and groundwater sampling.  As site lead on large scale remediation projects, Rob has experience with site setup, site logistics, coordinating with clients and contractors, and implementing ERFS health and safety programs.

Mr. Park’s previous environmental work experiences include operating and maintaining groundwater treatment systems and soil vapor extraction units, groundwater sampling, and wastewater flow monitoring.  Rob has a background in civil and environmental engineering with experience in AutoCAD drafting and design.


Mike Santore

Licensed Driller

Michael Santore has been in the environmental field since 2006 obtaining high level drilling licenses starting in 2010. He has done numerous well installations, repairs, and abandonments over the course of his career.  As a new ERFS employee in 2016, Mr. Santore was hired in an industry search to create a separate Drilling Department.  ERFS was impressed with his safety records, mechanical depth and project experiences and selected to be the model of future ERFS drillers nationally.  Michael holds many certifications within the health and safety field as well in other areas.



Steve Vargo

Crew Chief

Steve Vargo is a Senior Environmental Scientist at ERFS’ Lakewood, New Jersey Operations Center. As one our most experienced field staff, Steve serves as Lead Technical Manager of field teams on many ERFS project sites. Steve joined ERFS as a Field Technician in July of 2006 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Geology at Rider University of Lawrenceville, NJ.  After successfully completing extensive training in health and safety, hazardous materials handling and field operations during his first year at ERFS, Steve was promoted to Environmental Scientist. Since that time, Steve has worked on ERFS remediation projects ranging from home heating oil sites to Superfund sites. He has traveled extensively for ERFS completing projects in Florida, Virginia, New York, California and Massachusetts. Steve holds certificates for OSHA 40-hour training, OSHA Site Supervisor, Exxon LPS Safety Training, FDNY C-91 Certificate of Fitness, Confined Space Entry and Red Cross First Aid/CPR. Steve also serves on the ERFS Health and Safety Committee.


Curt Vigneri

Manager of Field Personnel Support

Mr. Vigneri is veteran United States Army 4th Infantry Division, with specific experience in operations and support of heavy equipment and weapons systems. Upon Mr. Vigneri’s return to civilian life, he obtained an AAS in Mechanical Technology from County College of Morris in Randolph, New Jersey.  Mr. Vigneri is a former inspector for Underwriter Laboratories. Has worked for ERFS in some capacity since September 2001 and became a full time employee in July 2007.  Mr. Vigneri is the younger brother of ERFS CEO Mark Vigneri.  Mr. Vigneri is responsible for the reporting to executive management on the conditions of trucks, equipment and personal safety equipment, through reports from all field service teams.  Additionally, Mr. Vigneri collects data used in ERFS field service personnel reviews plus information used in bonus and merit compensation awarded in field services.  Mr. Vigneri has traveled on major projects nationally.

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