Remediation of soil and groundwater while not disrupting ongoing business activities.

Overview of Services

ERFS can create innovative work plans for remedial actions that address many concerns including time, safety and cost.

Idaho Railcar Manufacturing and Repair facility – Challenge: source removal at large area threatening the drinking water supply for a major city.  Solution: ERFS conducted simultaneous treatment through 160 injection points over a two month period to affect 70% reduction of contaminant mass and achieve project goals.  ERFS treated CVOCs in stratified sand, silt and clay with a depth to groundwater of 30 ft bgs with multiple perched water intervals over a plume size of 2 acres.


Semi-Conductor Facilities, Northern California ERFS simultaneously treated three semiconductor sites contaminated with chlorinated ethene and chlorobenzene compounds.  ERFS completed treatments at one site that had been undergoing ozone sparging treatment after the site owner determined that source area in situ chemical oxidation treatment was preferred over a sparging system upgrade, repair and expansion. The second site had been redeveloped and ERFS conducted in situ chemical oxidation treatment down to 75 ft deep around the newly developed office park. The third site was an active semi-conductor research lab where ERFS conducted in-situ treatment during after-hours and on weekends.

Manufacturing Plant in New Jersey
– Challenge: Replace a 10-year-old pump-and-treat system with a more effective remedial approach. Solution: Utilized former solvent disposal sumps and newly-installed injection wells to treat CVOC via sequential peroxide and permanganate treatment events. Contamination was in sand and gravel at a depth to groundwater of 15 ft bgs with a plume size of 10,000 sf.  An average TCE level of 200 ug/l was treated to 90% or better reduction and site closure was achieved.

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