In May 2009, New Jersey passed the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) which, among other provisions, created a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) program whereby experienced environmental professionals become licensed and are able to step into the role of NJDEP case managers.  Projects are able to forego traditional NJDEP case manager review except at major milestones.  Upon completion of a project the LSRP issues a Response Action Outcome (RAO) with restricted use, limited restricted use or unrestricted use, depending upon the planned end use of the site.

ERFS has LSRPs on staff, working together with field scientists and project managers. Our LSRP program includes:

  • A fast moving compliance program focused to the client’s goals
  • Pay-for-Performance contracts which  streamline the regulatory compliance process at no additional charge
  • Specialty Programs to support other LSRPs on complex sites requiring remediation

Please call Brian Grodzki, LSRP at (732) 370-6640 for more details on LSRP Services.

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