To treat soil and groundwater around active tanks, dispensers and traffic without disturbing a retail business.  Also, ERFS provides ways to minimize costs and time to redevelop former gas station sites.

Overview of Services

ERFS provides the most comprehensive fixed cost-to-closure remediation programs for major oil and independent owners.

Pennsylvania USTIF sites – ERFS has conducted Pay-for-Performance cleanups at over forty program sites.  From eliminating LNAPL to reducing high groundwater and soil concentrations to closure levels, ERFS has successfully completed all projects within the program. NFA (SRCO) Florida Petroleum

Cleanup Example – ERFS has an extensive experience in Florida gas station remediation. In this example, ERFS conducted Pay-for-Performance treatments to achieve state groundwater cleanup standards (GCTLs) in the remaining contaminated well at a property, which for years had been undergoing cleanup using pump and treat methods.  After implementing in-situ treatment, the target well achieved GCTL goals for one year and site closure has been approved by FDEP.


Former Retail Gasoline Station in Ohio – After three treatments in three months, the site owner collected samples which documented over 80% BTEX concentration reduction in groundwater and removal of LNAPL.  Site soils are described as clayey silt overlying siltstone.  Continued treatment has decreased concentrations by over 95% in groundwater. This site was the first in-situ closure in the state of Ohio.

NFA Former Automotive Repair, Brick, NJ
Under a Pay-for-Performance contract, ERFS installed Propagations and vertical injection wells followed by successive treatments using chemical oxidizers.  Within three treatments, all trace of LNAPL was eliminated. Polishing treatments effectively treated TPH in soil so that no soil samples exceeded the state cleanup criteria of 10,000 mg/kg and none exceeded individual COC limits.  The NJDEP issued a NFA for the site.

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