ERFS Land Services, or “ELS”, is the environmental construction division of ERFS.  ELS offers the same Pay-for-Performance, ProxiOne® time and material and EndPoint® financial services as other divisions within ERFS, yet tailored to heavy field operations.

Services. Ex-situ and/or In-situ Treatment. ELS has developed services for metals stabilization, bioremediation, and oxidation technologies that can be used to treat a wide variety of contaminants in soil and groundwater, including:

    • Treatment of heavy metals
    • Large volume VOCs masses – both chlorinated and hydrocarbons
    • Recalcitrant organics such as PCBs, pesticides, and large hydrocarbons
    • Innovations in PFOA/PFOS remediation
    • Soil mixing, land farming, or disposal class reduction onsite
    • Removal of contaminants from waterways with land-based systems, including coal combustion residue (CCR)

ERFS now partners extensively with Carbro Constructors Corporation ( ) based in Hillsborough, New Jersey, to provide a full inventory of yellow iron equipment and expertise on environmental construction based remediation projects nationally.

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