ERFS Land Services, or “ELS”, is the environmental construction division of ERFS.  ELS offers the same Pay-for-Performance, ProxiOne® time and material and EndPoint® financial services as other divisions within ERFS, yet tailored to heavy field operations.

Our Services. ELS’ key staff average over 30 years of environmental construction experience and have expertise in implementing a wide variety of remediation technologies.

  • Ex-situ and or In-situ Treatment. ELS staff developed and commercialized metals stabilization, bioremediation, and oxidation technologies that can be used to reduce concentrations and toxicity of a wide variety of contaminants in soil and groundwater, including:
    • Heavy Metals
    • VOCs – both chlorinated and hydrocarbons
    • Recalcitrant organics, such as PCBs, pesticides, and large hydrocarbons
    • Innovations in PFOA/PFOS remediation
    • Soil mixing, land farming, disposal class reduction and many other services
  • Dredging. ELS has extensive environmental dredging experience and a wide variety of proprietary equipment.  ELS is very active in removing ash from rivers.
  • Design-Build. Traditional methods mixed with new technologies now include cost and time savings. ERFS Expert Services can also configure cleanups to unite stakeholders in win-win project planning for the most difficult of projects.

Certainty. Transactions require known costs and environmental conditions are often difficult to fix. In many cases, the environmental conditions prevent or delay a transaction, and common solutions are frequently not cost-effective. ELS can provide alternatives.

Flexibility. ERFS maintains its own equipment and provides field services staff all across the United States. We will work on your terms, with your team, and provide valuable options.

Experience. Please request a copy of ERFS’ Statement of Qualifications. ELS has one of the most experienced and accomplished environmental construction management and field services staffs in the industry.

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