ERFS is an experienced expert in creating win-win solutions for all stakeholders in a project, even those in current litigation.  ERFS has provided support and solutions to some of the most difficult and complex projects in the United States.  Our impressive success includes:

  • Major Cities / RCRA recoveries
  • Fortune 500 EndPoint® Technical, Community, and/or Reserve Retirement programs
  • Community Advisory Boards
  • Financial Modeling for innovative settlements and recoveries
  • Specialty consulting to insurance companies streamlining remediation claims, processing, delineation and closing claims at a fixed cost
  • Innovative methods for banks to divest of non-performing properties

ERFS is also the lead expert for Matsikoudis & Fanciullo ( on RCRA litigation support, technical services and innovative solutions to prevent or shorten litigation among stakeholders.

ERFS is an innovative leader in providing paths to success for all stakeholders on many of the highest profile cleanups in the United States.  ERFS educates and empowers citizen groups, helps public company shareholders weed out years of inefficiencies and minimize legal liabilities in projects or service lines.

While some of the technical solutions can involve ERFS technologies, ERFS Stakeholder Services are not based on ERFS service lines.  ERFS senior professionals, professional engineers, geologists, project managers, experts, and Advisory Board Members, including former regulators and executives at major corporations, use ERFS developed management tools to design unique solutions based on proven successes to identify, document, plan and eliminate the environmental liability that is causing the problem or conflict.

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