Through our Community Support Services, ERFS provides expert technical assistance to groups involved with large-scale, high profile environmental remediation programs. ERFS has represented a wide range of stakeholders, from community groups and municipal entities to insurance companies, property owners, and responsible parties. ERFS has provided expert technical support during the various complex stages of environmental remediation. ERFS focuses solutions and recommendations to make cooperative progress on projects, identifying solutions and approaches that are a “win-win” for all parties involved. Examples include:

  • Responsible Party Representation
  • Negotiated reasonable cleanup costs for a $50M, 40-acre transaction in downtown Chicago, breaking the stalemate and allowing the negotiations to continue.
  • Strategy and cleanup level negotiations for dioxin remedial actions across several city sectors and miles of public waterways.
  • Closure strategy for Superfund site in Mid-Atlantic Region.
  • Identified half-acre, highly contaminated mixed waste source area “forgotten” in the historical record. Developed and implemented a cleanup plan to shorten the pump and treat cleanup timeframe by decades resulting in tens of millions of dollars in savings.
  • Regulatory and remedial strategy analysis to develop a performance-based cleanup plan at a one-acre industrial solvent site in the Northeast, saving the insurance carrier several million dollars.
  • Municipalities and Community Groups
  • Remediation technical advisors to the Law Department of Jersey City, NJ, for some of the largest hexavalent chromium cleanup sites in the United States, ensuring the responsible party’s adherence to the judicial settlement agreement and that all remedial actions are protective of the residents.
  • Document review for the Niagara Riverkeeper (public watchdog group) for the highly contaminated Lake Ontario Ordinance Works and Niagara Falls Storage Site, identifying areas of environmental impact, including drain seepages contaminated with spent organic solvents and radioactive river sediments.

Our experience and technical expertise in providing cutting-edge remediation technology, combined with the extensive consulting background of our staff, provides for a unique and objective approach to evaluating complex remediation programs. For projects with multiple stakeholders, it is critical that objective, professional review and consideration is given to each and every element of the work plan so that the client can be fully prepared to address the issues that will affect the other stakeholders. ERFS provides expert technical review and analysis for the critical elements common to most environmental remediation projects, including: remedial investigations and site characterization, feasibility studies, remedial technology selection, public outreach and education, community protection measures, health and safety issues, medical screening programs, cost analysis and scheduling. Our expert professional staff will review and evaluate the documents prepared for the project, prepare written review comments and summaries, attend planning and project meetings, interface with other stakeholder representatives, provide support for public meetings and presentations, and brief community groups and municipal or executive committees on status and progress of the remedial program.

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