To clean soil and/or groundwater while a property is either under active public use, or undergoing redevelopment.

Overview of Services

ERFS has technologies that will reach contamination beneath buildings and complete remediation for less cost than intrusive methods.

Occupied Shopping Center site required precise placement of subsurface injection systems.

Soil remediation using chemical oxidation was completed following limited excavation in open areas behind a dry cleaning operation in a large shopping center in New Jersey.    Utilities, including a water main, central sanitary collection, storm water, and electric and telephone main lines and trunks, all had to be avoided throughout the project.  The remediation included work under a movie theater and an entertainment center for children.  Soils consisted of fine sand; CVOC contaminants included  cis 1,2-DCE, TCE and PCE.  A No Further Action (NFA) determination was granted by the NJDEP for the project, which was completed six months early.

Shopping center in Illinois with VOCs in silty clay.

ERFS was able to complete a remediation in one mobilization working around high traffic areas within a busy parking lot.

Work under foundations. 

TPH-impacted soil (fine sands and silt) was remediated to NFA levels at a former automotive repair facility in the northeast. A large shopping complex had been built over much of the former operations and leaking hydraulic lifts had contaminated soils above the water table. Utilizing propagations [trade or service mark here?] and vertical injection wells, in-situ chemical oxidation removed 87 percent of the TPH mass with the end result of eliminating a source of LNAPL.


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