Board of Directors

The Board of Directors makes periodic recommendations to ERFS’ CEO on a variety of technical and operational subjects. The CEO is responsible for any implementation of the recommendations from the Board of Directors.  While not engaged in the day to day operations of ERFS, Board Members do have extensive experience with ERFS’ capabilities and our industry, which ultimately benefits our clients with new services and business solutions.


Mark Vigneri

ERFS’ President & CEO is also the Founder of the company in 1998.  Please see background description in the Executive Management section.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Mr. Kennedy is best known for his work in the U.S. and internationally, protecting waterways and the environment as the lead attorney for Riverkeeper and President of Waterkeeper Alliance.  Mr. Kennedy’s corporate work also includes being a driving force in promoting clean energy production and environmental clean-up services by serving as Principal and/or on the Board of Directors of innovative companies that are offering the solutions for the future.  Since 2008, Mr. Kennedy has been introducing ERFS to opportunities that have later become successfully completed projects.


Dave L. Wickersham, Sr.

Mr. Wickersham recently retired as Director of Global Remediation for the Fortune 100 company Honeywell International Inc. Prior to Honeywell, he was a pioneer in executive management of site remediation for DuPont.  Mr. Wickersham began his environmental career in fisheries research at Cornell University after earning a BS degree there in Environmental Sciences.  Afterwards, Mr. Wickersham became Remington Arms Company’s first Environmental Engineer and developed extensive environmental and industrial hygiene programs for this up-state New York sporting firearms manufacturer. He was the primary author of the site’s RCRA program and the plant received one of the first permits issued by New York State under this major environmental law.  Mr. Wickersham was also the three-time Mayor of Ilion, New York.  Mr. Wickersham has been the primary advisor to ERFS’ CEO for ERFS EndPoint® programs to accelerate closure and limit costs on reserve managed O&M sites.


Advisory Board

Like the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board makes recommendations to ERFS’ CEO for consideration.  The Advisory Board differs from the Board of Directors as they have indirect interests in ERFS’ work from current or previous operations, and have contact with ERFS on specific projects or on think tank level research.  ERFS’ Advisory Board is very active and has a highly accomplished history of environmental innovations that have eventually become core services and programs that have greatly benefit our clients.


New Term Advisory Board Members To Be Announced Friday July 21st 2017

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