• Rebroadcast of ERFS on Moving America Forward with William Shatner, Doug Llewelyn & Rear Admiral Kevin Delaney (ret) September 14, 2014 now on ERFS’ website

  • ERFS was a co-sponsor of the first ever Closed Gas Station Conference, in Orlando Florida

  • ERFS opens new office in Arlington, Virginia and Tallahassee, Florida

  • ERFS initiates program to help protect New Jersey LSRP sites from cost overruns while achieving deadline compliance

  • ERFS EndPoint® executive management tool kit reconfigures budget reserves to reduced liabilities for public companies

  • Our-Bid-is-Zero® financing program allows for site remediation to start without initial payments

  • ERFS becomes a professional engineering firm in Florida for fixed cost remediation projects

  • ERFS completes difficult petroleum free product remediation beneath a high rise building in Passaic, New Jersey; NFA status achieved.

  • Environmental consultant project closure rates on the rise by utilizing ERFS Pay-for-Performance contracting

  • ERFS now offers fixed price delineation and monitoring options for Pay-for-Performance contracts.

  • ERFS completes remediation for major NYC utility company in record bad weather

  • ERFS injects innovative chemistry at former New England semi-conductor site for in-situ remediation of chlorinated compounds and hexavalent chromium.

  • Strategic partners see increased revenues by offering Pay-for-Performance cleanups through subcontracting ERFS

  • Helping High-Tech Clients – ERFS provides strategic planning; remedy selection, and source cleanup services to aerospace and semi-conductor industries from coast to coast

  • ERFS resolves legacy liability issues for lending institutions on mortgage defaulted properties through Pay-for Performance cleanups

  • ERFS Home Heating Oil Cleanup Program provides fixed cost remediations for insurance companies

  • ERFS removes LNAPL in limestone 100 feet below grade within the Floridan Aquifer, a primary source for drinking water

  • ERFS achieves regulatory closure at 15 sites under the Pennsylvania Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF)

  • ERFS remediates 100 year old LNAPL site in Baltimore Harbor to NFA within 90 days - Deed Restriction lifted and redevelopment completed

  • Department of Defense adopts use of advanced ERFS technologies at both active and decommissioned military bases for petroleum and chlorinated solvent projects

  • ERFS successfully treats free-phase phthalate esters and fuel oil allowing full scale redevelopment at former plastics manufacturing facility near Boston, Massachusetts

  • Successful soil and groundwater remediation allows shopping center sale to proceed with over 99% reduction in organic contamination levels

  • ERFS meets monitoring goals at Houston refinery site

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As an environmental activist for over 25 years, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. became involved with ERFS because he was so impressed with ERFS' ability to achieve win/win situations in case after case.